snow (color)

The Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic that is translated in English as “(as white as) snow” is translated in San Miguel El Grande Mixtec as “(as white as) volcano frost,” the only white kind of frost that is known in that language. (Source: Nida 1947, p. 160.)

In Obolo it is translated as abalara: “white cloth” (source: Enene Enene), in Bambam as “like the white of cotton” (source: Phil Campbell in Kroneman 2004, p. 500), in Muna as “white like cotton flowers” (source: René van den Berg), in Sharanahua as “like fresh Yuca root” (source: Holzhauen / Riderer 2010, p. 72), and in Cerma “white like the full moon,” except in Psalm 51:7 where the Cerma translators chose “wash me with water until I shine” (source: Andrea Suter in Holzhauen / Riderer 2010, p. 36).

See also frost.

human head hair

The Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew that is translated as “hair” in English is translated in Tzeltal as stsotsil sjol (Tzeltal de Oxchuc y Tenejapa) / stsotsel sjol (Tzeltal Bachajón): “blanket for the head.” (Source: Slocum / Watkins 1988, p. 35)

complete verse (Revelation 1:14)

Following are a number of back-translations of Revelation 1:14:

  • Uma: “His head with his hair were gleaming white like cotton, his eyes shone like blazing fire.” (Source: Uma Back Translation)
  • Yakan: “His hair was white like cotton and his eyes like flames of fire.” (Source: Yakan Back Translation)
  • Western Bukidnon Manobo: “His head and His hair were very white for they were like white cloth. His eyes seemed to be on fire.” (Source: Western Bukidnon Manobo Back Translation)
  • Kankanaey: “His hair, it was very-white like cotton or frost, and his eyes, they were like flaming fire.” (Source: Kankanaey Back Translation)
  • Tagbanwa: “The whiteness of his hair was like a broken wave, and as for his eyes, they were like the burning of fire.” (Source: Tagbanwa Back Translation)
  • Tenango Otomi: “His hair was all white. It was the whiteness of wool or of snow. His eyes shone like they were lit with flames of fire.” (Source: Tenango Otomi Back Translation)