Translation Insights and Perspectives

God’s communication with humanity was intended from the beginning for “every nation, tribe, and language.” While all languages are equally competent in expressing the message of the Bible, each language has particular and sometimes unique capacities to communicate certain biblical messages in exceptionally enriching ways that other languages cannot. The Translation Insights and Perspectives (TIPs) tool collects these outstanding translation insights in the form of stories so they can be made available to everyone in the church as well as researchers and other interested parties.

From the top menu of this page, you can browse and search through stories that contain such insights (“Find Stories”), contribute insights that will be reviewed by a team of curators and then published (“Submit Story”), or access a guide on how to use this site (“Help”).

The graphic above shows the state of Bible translation worldwide. It is copyrighted (©) 2018 by SIL International with data from The green dots refer to the complete Bible translated in individual languages, the red dots to translations of either the Old or New Testament, the blue dots to Bible selections, and the yellow dots to biblical stories.

The following video is for anyone with an interest in the text of the Bible through the lens of translation:

This second video is intended for Bible translators: