The Greek that is translated as “angel” in English versions is translated as ngaṉka ngurrara (“one who belongs in the sky”) in Pintupi-Luritja. (Source: Ken Hansen quoted in Steven 1984a, p. 116.)

In Shipibo-Conibo it is translated as “word-carriers from heaven,” in Tetela, Kpelle, Balinese, and Chinese “heavenly messengers,” in Shilluk “spirit messengers,” in Mashco Piro “messengers of God,” in Batak Toba “envoys, messengers,” in Navajo “holy servants,” (source for this and above: Bratcher / Nida 1961), in Tonga (Zambia) “messenger from heaven” (source: Loewen 1980, p. 107), and in Apali as “God’s one with talk from the head” (“basically God’s messenger since head refers to any leader’s talk”) (source: Martha Wade).

See also angel (Acts 12:15).