About Us

Translation Insights & Perspectives (TIPs) is a tool that collects and presents examples from Bible translations around the world which enrich the biblical text in ways that are unique to their languages. The goal is not to change or amend the text of the Bible; instead, the translations serve as a scriptural prism to reveal the many-colored details that are otherwise impossible to view.

The data in TIPs is curated so it’s applicable to two major groups of users:

  • Bible translation experts who are engaged with active Bible translations around the world. For this group, the data can serve as a source of inspiration by showing how other languages have found language- and sometimes culture-specific solutions to a given text.
  • Bible readers who do not have any specific expertise in linguistics or translation. These include readers who read the Bible on their own, with others, or those who want to do research on the biblical text to present it to others.

You can engage with TIPs by sending your own insights regarding specific Bible translations or by using the comment feature that you will find below every existing insight.

TIPs is sponsored and owned by United Bible Societies and is supported by a board consisting of representatives of several Bible translation organizations, including United Bible Societies, Wycliffe Global Alliance, SIL, Pioneer Bible Translators, and Lutheran Bible Translators.