The Hebrew that is translated in English as “foreskin” is translated into Anuak with the euphemism “tree of their bodies.”


The Hebrew and Greek that is translated as “messenger” in English is translated in Nyongar as moort yana-waangki or “person walk-talk” (source: Warda-Kwabba Luke-Ang).


The name that is transliterated as “David” in English is translated in Spanish Sign Language with the sign signifying a sling and king (referring to 1 Samuel 17:49 and 2 Samuel 5:4). (Source: John Elwode in The Bible Translator 2008, p. 78ff.)

“David” in Spanish Sign Language (source)

The (Protestant) Chinese transliteration of “David” is 大卫 (衛) / Dàwèi which carries an additional meaning of “Great Protector.”

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