complete verse (Genesis 6:4)

Following are a number of back-translations as well as a sample translation for translators of Genesis 6:4:

  • Kankanaey: “At that time when- the children of God and the women they married -slept-together and in the following years also, that is when people were born who were extremely large. Those people, much has been related about what they did long ago.” (Source: Kankanaey Back Translation)
  • Newari: “At that time, and also after that, there were Nephilim on the earth. There were children from the sons of God and the daughters of men. At that time they were strong and famous.” (Source: Newari Back Translation)
  • Hiligaynon: “At that time, and even later, there-were known people on the earth who were the descendants of the children of God who married beautiful women. They were powerful and famous people in ancient times.” (Source: Hiligaynon Back Translation)
  • English: “There were giants called Nephils who lived on the earth at that time and later. During that time some of the Nephil men who belonged to/believed in God had sex with women who did not belong to/believe in God, and they gave birth to children. The Nephils were considered to be heroic fighters, and they became famous.” (Source: Translation for Translators)
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