translations with a Hebraic voice (Genesis 11:9)

Some translations specifically reproduce the voice of the Hebrew text of the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible.

Therefore its name was called Bavel/Babble,
for there Yhwh baffled the language of all the earth-folk,
and from there, Yhwh scattered them over the face of all the earth.

Source: Everett Fox 1995

Darum ruft man ihren Namen Babel, Gemenge,
denn vermengt hat Er dort die Mundart aller Erde,
und zerstreut von dort hat Er sie übers Antlitz aller Erde.

Source: Buber / Rosenzweig 1976

Sur quoi, il crie son nom: Babèl,
oui, là, IHVH-Adonaï a mêlé la lèvre de toute la terre,
et de là IHVH-Adonaï les a dispersés sur les faces de toute la terre.

Source: Chouraqui 1985