Behold the man, Here is the man

The Greek that is translated in English as “Here is the man” or “Behold the man” was translated in the Latin Vulgate translation of the 4th century as ecce homo.

Ecce homo” has become to be known as an important sub-genre of Western Christian art of the 15th through the 17th century that shows the suffering Christ and again in the 20th century depicting images of human suffering in war and the holocaust.

Ecce Homo, Martin Schongauer, between 1475 and 1480, source and larger image
Ecce homo, Andrea Mantegna, ca. 1500, source and larger image
Ecce homo, Jan Komski, 1999, source and larger image

It also is the title of Friedrich Nietzsche’s autobiography (publ. 1908).

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