TIPs adds language taxonomy

With an ever-increasing number of languages in TIPs, it might feel disorienting to understand what the languages are and how they relate to each other.

So far it has been possible to find a link to the corresponding Wikipedia page underneath each language listing and — if applicable — a link to an online location of the already-translated part or whole of scripture in that language (see image 1 below).

Now (June 2020) we have added a taxonomy (= classification) that allows you to place each language within its language groups and relate it to other languages.

Below each language there are now two immediate language groups shown, preceded by an ellipsis:

Image 1: Immediate language groups

If you are familiar with the language groups, or if you would just would like to find out more, clicking on the ellipsis reveals the complete language groups hierarchy:

Image 2: Complete language hierarchy

Any of the language groups represents a link that leads to a page where the immediate subgroups or associated languages are listed. If you click on “Zapotec” in this case, you will see all the languages that are part of that group and are covered in TIPs, followed by the number of stories associated with each:

Image 3: All languages belonging to one language group

Each of these language listings is also a hyperlink that leads you to a page for that language (which would look like Image 1).

If you click on a language group that has other language groups listed underneath (as in this example “Zapotecan”), you will see all the language sub-groups containing other groups or languages that have stories associated with them:

Image 4: Language sub-groups

Selecting “Zapotec” brings you back to Image 3, and selecting “Chatino” displays all the languages that are part of that language group with stories in TIPs:

Image 5: All languages belonging to another language group

We would be grateful if you could provide feedback on the usefulness of this feature and let us know what we can improve.

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