The Hebrew that is translated as “vision” in English is translated in Chol as “as if in a dream” (source: Robert Bascom) and in Obolo it is translated as ilaak ọkpọchieen̄: “dreaming awake” (source: Enene Enene).

The Greek in the books of Revelation and Acts is translated as obq-rmwible: “look-dream” in Natügu. Brenda Boerger (in Beerle-Moor / Voinov, p. 162ff.) tells the story of that translation: “In the book of Revelation, the author, John, talks about having visions. Mr. Simon [the native language translator] and I discussed what this meant and he invented the compound verb obq-rmwible ‘look-dream’ to express it. Interestingly, during village testing no one ever had to ask what this neologism meant.”

See also see a vision.