verb forms in Luke 10:18-19

“In Angal Heneng there are three different forms of the verb depending on involvement of speaker and hearer in the action, and all three are illustrated in Luke 10:18-19. When Jesus says, ‘I saw Satan fall,’ it is assumed that the speaker [Jesus] saw the action and the hearers didn’t, and the form of the verb indicates such. When Jesus continues and says ‘I have given you power [or: authority],’ the form used indicates that both speaker and hearers were together when the action occurred. But on the verb of the clause expressing ‘Jesus said to them,’ a third form is used which indicates that neither the writer (Luke) nor the addressee (Theophilus) were there at the time the inciĀ­dent occurred.” (Source: Deibler / Taylor 1977, p. 1076.)