The Greek that is translated as “savior” in English in translated in Laka as “one who takes us by the hand” (source: Nida 1952, p. 140), as “one who saves those on this earth” in Teutila Cuicatec, as “one who saves from save from sin” in Isthmus Mixe, in order to become ruler and defender Chichimeca-Jonaz, and “a person who pardons people of their sins” in Tepeuxila Cuicatec (source for this and three above: Viola Waterhouse in Notes on Translation August 1966, p. 86ff.).

In various German and Dutch Bible translations, the term Heiland is used, which was introduced by Martin Luther in the 16th century and means “the healing one.” This term (as “Hælend”) was used in Old English as a translation for “Jesus” — see Swain 2019 and Jesus.