The Greek that is translated as “Sabbath” in English is rendered as “day we rest” in Tzotzil.

Source: Marion Cowan in Notes on Translation with Drill, p. 169ff.

In the old Khmer version as well as in the first new translation this term was rendered as “day of rest” (Thngai Chhup Somrak). Considered inadequate to convey its religious meaning (not only about cessation of work, but also in honour of Yahweh as the Creator), the committee has decided to keep the Hebrew word and use its transliterated form Thgnai Sabath. The Buddhist word Thngai Seil “day of merits” used by some Catholics was once under consideration but was rejected because it did not receive unanimous support.”

Source: Joseph Hong in The Bible Translator 1996, p. 233ff.

In Shilluk it is translated as “day of God” (source: Nida 1964, p. 237).