remove sin

The Greek that is translated in English as “remove sin” or similar is translated in Mandara as varam.

Karen Weaver explains: “Another example of how Mandara words words have been incorporated to communicate Biblical truth is the word varam. When a person dies, his family observes a period of mourning. At the end of this time, a feast is held and a pig is killed by the priest, which is called varam. This word varam carries the concept of freeing people from bondage or guilt. The [translation team] used this same word when translating Hebrews 9:26c.

“Even church members had always thought Christianity and tradition were separate. But once the translation team began incorporating words from the local culture, even those who had shown no interest in the translation began to accept it, and to see it as important and relevant to their lives.

“Now the people say, “The Mandara New Testament has made the connection between God and our culture. We thought the church came to eliminate our way of life. Now we know that God’s message is contained in our culture.”