The Greek that is often translated as “judge” in English has the option of various terms in Luang with different shades of meaning.

For Acts 4:21 and 10:42, maktorna wathudi lokarni-taitiaili lahanu (“the one who holds the scales”). “This term is used when judgment of sin or wrong is in focus.”

For Acts 13:20, maktorna deulu-tatra (“the one who holds the law”). “This term is used for the judges in the Old Testament for whom judging wrong was only a part of their job.”

Source: Kathy Taber in Notes on Translation 1/1999, p. 9-16.

See also judge.


The Greek that is translated as “judge” in English is rendered idiomatically in Yapese as “untie the words of” and in Chichewa as “sing a (court) case against.”