He has Beelzebub

The Greek that is translated as “”He has Beelzebub” in English is translated in Yatzachi Zapotec as “He talked with Beelzebub.” Otis Leal (in The Bible Translator 1951, p. 164ff.) explains: “In Mark 3:22 the scribes said that Christ had Beelzebub. From the context it can be seen that they meant that His power was Satanic. The Zapotecs recognize power from the prince of the demons, but would never say that the person with that power ‘has Satan.’ Instead they would say that he ‘talks with Satan.’ To say a person ‘has Satan’ means only that he has a filthy mouth, i.e. he uses filthy language, something of which the scribes would not dare accuse Jesus. Here clearly the meaning of the Scriptures is conveyed by the expression ‘talked with Beelzebub.’ The translation was made accordingly.”