glory (of God)

For the translation of the Greek that is translated into English as “glory” or “glorify” into Waama, five categories were found that were all translated differently. (See also raised to glory, glorify (God’s name), glorify (reveal God’s or Jesus’ glory to people), glory (honor, raise, approval).)

“For the first group, the ‘glory, greatness, uniqueness of God or Jesus,’ we used a term meaning ‘greatness, bigness.’ In some contexts it seemed better to replace the simple noun by ‘the fact that God is great.’ So, ‘we saw his glory’ in John 1:14 is rendered as ‘we saw what his greatness is like.’

(Source: Kathrin Brückner in Notes on Translation 2/1988, p. 41-46).

See also glory (of God) (Japanese honorifics).