The Greek that is translated as “cup” in English is translated in Chol as vaso i yejtal bʌ wocol: “glass which is the picture of affliction.”

Wilbur Aulie (in The Bible Translator 1957, p. 109ff. ) explains: “Whatever the precise meaning of ‘cup’ may be in these verses may never be agreed upon, but in the Septuagint it is used metaphorically of adversity and divine punishment. In these verses we used a Spanish borrowing vaso ‘glass’ and added the explanatory phrase, ‘which is the picture of wocol‘. Wocol has a rather wide range of meaning, including affliction, trial, punishment, and retribution. The term vaso was preferred to copa, which is regularly used by Spanish-speaking Christians, since Chol Christians understand copa to be a small glass of intoxicating drink.”

See also drink the cup I drink / be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with.