complete verses (Isaiah 53:1-6)

Following is a back-translation of Isaiah 53:1-6 in the Chichewa interconfessional translation (1999):

[1] “Who has believed these things that we have heard?
Who recognizes the power of Chauta [see tetragrammaton (YHWH)] in these things?
[2] As you know, that servant of his grew up as a young shoot before the eyes of God, and also like a root in hard, dry soil.
He had no real appearance or a handsome face, that we might be looking at him.
There was no beauty about him to attract us.
[3] That very one people despised and rejected.
He was a person of sufferings, accustomed to pain.
He was like a person whose friends cover their eyes on seeing him.
People despised him, and we regarded him as nothing.
[4] “Most surely, he endured sufferings which we ourselves should have felt,
and he received pains which we our-elves should have received.
But we thought that it was God who was punishing him, and striking him and causing him to suffer. [5] But they stabbed him because of our sins,
and they smashed him because of our evils.
The punishment that befell him has given us peace,
and his sores have healed us.
[6] We all had gone astray like sheep.
Each one of us was just walking along his own way.
So Chauta caused him to carry the guilt of all of us.

(Source: Wendland 1998, p. 151f.)