complete verse (John 5:19)

Following are a number of back-translations of John 5:19:

  • Uma: “That is why Yesus said to them: ‘These my words are very true: I am the Child of God, I cannot work according to my own will/desire. Only that which I see from my Father, that is what I do/work. Whatever is the work of my Father, that also is my work.” (Source: Uma Back Translation)
  • Yakan: “Isa answered those leaders, he said, ‘Truly I tell you, there is really nothing I can do if it is just from myself/my own body. But whatever I see my Father doing that is also what I do. All that the Father does that is also what the Son does.” (Source: Yakan Back Translation)
  • Western Bukidnon Manobo: “And then Jesus answered, ‘It is very true what I say to you, that I the son of God, there is nothing that I can do in my own power. The only thing that I do is what I have seen my Father doing. What he does, that is also what I do.” (Source: Western Bukidnon Manobo Back Translation)
  • Kankanaey: “Jesus said to them, ‘This that I tell you is true. I who am the Child of God, I can do nothing on my own but rather I do only what I see my Father doing. Whatever he does, that also is what I do.” (Source: Kankanaey Back Translation)
  • Tagbanwa: “Well since it was like that, Jesus said to those Judio, ‘This which I’m saying to you is the truth, that nothing can be done by the Son by himself only, but on the contrary what he is doing is that which he sees being done by the Father. That which is being done by his Father, of course that is what he too will do.” (Source: Tagbanwa Back Translation)
  • Tenango Otomi: “Then Jesus said, ‘It is true what I tell you. The Son of God is not able to do anything on his own. Just like he sees his Father doing, also he does. Therefore what the Father does, also his son does.” (Source: Tenango Otomi Back Translation)