complete verse (Genesis 40:19)

Following are a number of back-translations as well as a sample translation for translators of Genesis 40:19:

  • Kankanaey: “because when three days go, the king will have- your (sing.) head -cut-off. Then they will hang you from a post and birds will eat your (sing.) flesh.'” (Source: Kankanaey Back Translation)
  • Newari: “Within three days Pharaoh will cut off your head, and will hang you on a tree. Winged birds will eat your flesh, by pecking with their beaks.”” (Source: Newari Back Translation)
  • Hiligaynon: “Before the three days will-end, the king will-cause- you (sing.) -to-get-out from prison, but he will-have- you (sing.) -killed/[lit. cut your head] and your (sing.) corpse/dead-body will-be-caused-to-be-impaled on a standing/erected wooden-pole/tree, and the birds will-peck you (sing.).'” (Source: Hiligaynon Back Translation)
  • English: “Within three days the king will command that your head be cut off. Then your body will be hung on a tree, and vultures will come and eat your flesh.'” (Source: Translation for Translators)