complete verse (Genesis 32:5)

Following are a number of back-translations as well as a sample translation for translators of Genesis 32:5:

  • Kankanaey: “Tell (him) moreover that I am rich with cattle, donkeys, sheep, goats, and slaves. Then you will tell (him) that this is all I cause-to-be-reported to him who is my master so-that if it might be possible, his thoughts toward me would be good.'” (Source: Kankanaey Back Translation)
  • Newari: “‘Having gone, speak to my master Esau like this — Until now I have been living at Laban’s place. I have cows, goats, donkeys, sheep and many male and female servants. I have sent to tell you [so] that you may accept [lit.: care for] me.” (Source: Newari Back Translation)
  • Hiligaynon: “And [you (pl.)] tell him thatI have cows, donkeys, sheep, goats, and male and female servants. You (pl.) tell him that I commanded you (pl.) to ask-for-favor from him hoping that his treatment to me would-be good.'” (Source: Hiligaynon Back Translation)
  • English: “I now own many cattle, donkeys, sheep, goats, and male and female slaves. Now I am sending this message to you, sir, hoping that you will be friendly toward me/treat me kindly when I arrive.’ ‘” (Source: Translation for Translators)