complete verse (Genesis 26:5)

Following are a number of back-translations as well as a sample translation for translators of Genesis 26:5:

  • Kankanaey: “I will bless you (sing.) because Abraham believed/obeyed me and he fulfilled all my laws and commands.'” (Source: Kankanaey Back Translation)
  • Newari: “For Abraham did everything like I said. He obeyed the commands, laws, and teachings that I gave him.'” (Source: Newari Back Translation)
  • Hiligaynon: “I will-do this because Abraham obeyed me. He obeyed all my laws and teachings.'” (Source: Hiligaynon Back Translation)
  • English: “I will do that because your father Abraham obeyed me. He obeyed everything that I told him to do, everything that I declared and all the laws that I gave him.’ So Isaac went and asked King Abimelech if he would permit him to live in the Gerar area. The king said, ‘Okay,'” (Source: Translation for Translators)