complete verse (Ephesians 5:2)

Following are a number of back-translations of Ephesians 5:2:

  • Uma: “In our daily behavior, we must be loving to others, like Kristus also loved us; he gave himself / his body to be killed in order to redeem us. His doing that gladdened the heart of God, like a fragrant offering that is offered to him.” (Source: Uma Back Translation)
  • Yakan: “You should always love your companions as Almasi loves you. For Almasi hep, because of his love for us (incl.), submitted himself like a sacrifice for our (incl.) good and God was/is very pleased with that doing of his.” (Source: Yakan Back Translation)
  • Western Bukidnon Manobo: “It’s necessary that you always show that your companions are precious in your breath, just like we (incl.) are precious in the breath of Christ. He gave his life for us so that we might be set free; He became a sacrifice which is very fragrant, which is to say God likes it very much.” (Source: Western Bukidnon Manobo Back Translation)
  • Kankanaey: “so that you will be consistently-loving like Cristo’s manner-of-loving us. Because he, he gave himself/his body to die for us, and his death, it was like a fragrant offering to God which pleased/satisfied him.” (Source: Kankanaey Back Translation)
  • Tagbanwa: “Live by being always controlled by your valuing of your companions. Be like Cristo who, in the big-size of his valuing us, caused his life/breath to be severed, in which he made himself like the most fragrant sacrifice which really pleases God.” (Source: Tagbanwa Back Translation)
  • Tenango Otomi: “Let us love our fellowmen like Christ loves us, and he gave up himself to die for us. God looked well on him in that he was like a sacrifice.” (Source: Tenango Otomi Back Translation)