complete verse (Dan. 8:11-12)

Following is the back-translation of the verses Daniel 8:11 and 12 from Solomon Islands Pijin (publ. 2008):

11This male goat, he made himself high (exalted) and he also desired to oppose God who is the Chief of the army of heaven. He also stopped the sacrifices that the people of God made every day to worship him, and he destroyed his Temple. 12This evil way that the horn did: it took over [control] of their sacrifices, and it threw true-talk to become absolutely nothing. And it will be happy because of everything that it does following its own thinking.

Source: Bob Carter

Verses in the original Pijin:

11Disfala man nanigot ya hemi haemapem hem seleva an hemi laek fo agensim tu God hu hemi Sif blong ami ya long heven. Hemi stopem tu olketa sakrifaes wea olketa pipol blong God i mekem evri de fo wosipim hem, an hemi spoelem nao Tambuhaos blong hem. 12Disfala nogud wei wea hon ya hemi duim nao: hemi tekova long olketa sakrifaes blong olketa, an hemi torowem trutoktok fo kamap samting nating nomoa. An bae hemi hapi long evrisamting wea hemi duim falom tingting blong hem seleva.