complete verse (2 Corinthians 13:13)

Following are a number of back-translations of 2 Corinthians 13:13:

  • Uma: “The Lord Yesus Kristus bless you, God remain/keep loving you, and [lit., until] the Holy Spirit cause you to be in harmony and be-with you all. Finish here.” (Source: Uma Back Translation)
  • Yakan: “May Isa Almasi our (incl.) Leader always care for you and may God always show his love to you. May all of you also be of one liver because God’s Spirit is there in your liver. Wassalam” (Source: Yakan Back Translation)
  • Western Bukidnon Manobo: “All of the believers in God here greet you.” (Source: Western Bukidnon Manobo Back Translation)
  • Kankanaey: “All God’s people here send-you -greetings.” (Source: Kankanaey Back Translation)
  • Tagbanwa: “All your siblings in believing here greet you.” (Source: Tagbanwa Back Translation)
  • Tenango Otomi: “All of our brothers who have the same faith as we, send you greetings.” (Source: Tenango Otomi Back Translation)