complete verse (2 Corinthians 1:13)

Following are a number of back-translations of 2 Corinthians 1:13:

  • Uma: “What we (excl.) write/wrote to you, it is only what you [can] clearly read, know and understand. There are some of you who already do understand our (excl.) purpose, but there are also still some who do not-yet understand. So I hope/trust that you all will understand our (excl.) purpose, so that when our (inc) Lord Yesus arrives, your hearts will be big [proud] because of us (excl.), like our (excl.) hearts are big because of you.” (Source: Uma Back Translation)
  • Yakan: “All we (excl.) wrote to you, you were able to read and to understand. Now you do not yet understand everything about our (excl.) work/doings, but I expect/hope that you will really understand it all, so that you can boast about us (excl.) like/in the same way as we (excl.) will also boast about you when the day of our (incl.) Leader, Isa Almasi’s return comes.” (Source: Yakan Back Translation)
  • Western Bukidnon Manobo: “The only thing that we write when we send you a letter is what you can read and understand; and I want you to thoroughly understand” (Source: Western Bukidnon Manobo Back Translation)
  • Kankanaey: “Moreover what we (excl.) have written to you, its meaning is not hidden-from-view but rather is easy to read and understand. I know that you don’t yet properly understand our (excl.) thoughts and behavior, but may-it-be that what you understand will keep-being-added-to in order that your happiness with us (excl.) will equal our (excl.) happiness with you on the day that Jesu Cristo comes again.” (Source: Kankanaey Back Translation)
  • Tagbanwa: “In our (excl.) letters that we sent to you there was no like hidden meaning, but rather just exactly what anyone who reads can understand. Right now your recognising/acknowledging of our (excl.) ways/nature is lacking, but we (excl.) are hoping that the day will come when you will fully recognise/acknowledge it so that, when the day of the return of our Lord Jesus arrives, you can praise us (excl.), just like you also, we (excl.) can praise you.” (Source: Tagbanwa Back Translation)
  • Tenango Otomi: “Concerning the words I write here on the letter I am writing, there isn’t some other word mixed in it, all is just as it says. The word you understand here in the paper is the very word I want to tell you. I do not deceive you. Very much do I want that your hearts understand well that all I do is proper.” (Source: Tenango Otomi Back Translation)