chronological order (Luke 2:7)

In many languages, “events which are implied in a chrono¬≠logical sequence need to be inserted in the translation (…) In Luke 2:7 , after describing the birth of Jesus and his being laid in a manger, the text says, ‘because there was no room for them in the inn;’ in Enga the events were placed in chronological order and the words ‘she entered the cattle place and’ inserted before mentioning the birth, to account for Mary getting from the inn to the place of Jesus’s birth.”

The text of the verse in Enga: Dokopa Matiame baanya wane mupa ane doko mandea-pyaa. Mandipala lapalapame ambo pyapala mena pulumakawanya nee nenge tapoko mendenya setapala isoo petea-pyaa. Endakali opone palenge anda dokonya palipenge panda nasiamosa dopa pia-pyaa.