back-translation of Psalm 110 from Hausa

Back-translation from Psalm 110 from the Hausa Common Language Bible:

1 LORD said to my Lord
“Sit here at my right hand
until I put your friends of front [i.e., “enemies”]
under your feet.”
2 LORD will hand over your stick of ruling
from Jerusalem he will rule
over all your friends of front
round with you.
3 With agreeing of life,
your people will hand over their head (i.e., “themselves”)
on day of when you lead with your soldiers
dress with glory with greatness
like how dew bursts in the early morning
it brings newness
so is your youthfulness
it will burst to you.
4 LORD does oath
he will not change his decision
“You priest is for ever
according to order of Melchizedek.”
5 Lord is at your right hand
he will break-break kings on his day of anger
6 he will cut nation to judgement
he will fill-fill them with corpses
he will break-break heads of his friends of front
everywhere in (the) world
7 He will drink water stream (from) mouth of road
he will raise (his) head in victory.

Source: Andy Warren-Rothlin