Samson's riddle

Samson’s riddle in the form of a Hebrew poem is translated in the agalog Magandang Balita Biblia (rev. 2005) into a form of a traditional Tagalog riddle of two lines with internal rhymes (-kain and –kain; –kas and –bas) and an (almost) identical number of syllables (6+7, 7+7):

Mula sa kumakain ay lumabas ang pagkain;
at mula sa malakas, matamis ay lumabas.

It back-translates as:

“From the eater came out the food;
and from the strong, sweet came out”

(Source: Louis Dorn in The Bible Translator 1994, p. 301ff. )

Similarly, in the English Contemporary English Version (publ. 1995) a translation is used that mimics the style of English riddles:

Once so strong and mighty–
now so sweet and tasty!

(Source: Ogden / Zogbo 2019)