The Hebrew and the Greek that is translated into English as “chariot” is translated into Anuak as “canoe pulled by horse.” “Canoe” is the general term for “vehicle” (source: Loren Bliese). In Eastern Highland Otomi it’s translated as “cart pulled by horses” (source: Larson 1998, p. 98)

In Chichicapan Zapotec it is translated as “ox cart” (in Acts 8). Ox carts are common vehicles for travel. (Source´: Loren Bliese)

In Chichimeca-Jonaz, it is translated as “little house with two feet pulled by two horses.” (Source: Viola Waterhouse in Notes on Translation August 1966, p. 86ff.)

See also cart.

Who are my mother and brothers?

The Greek that is translated as “Who are my mother and brothers?”§ or similar in English is translated in Chichicapan Zapotec as “Who are my mother and brothers before God?” and in Jalapa De Díaz Mazatec as “It is true, you know who is my mother and who are my brothers. But there are other people whom I love like my mother and my brothers.” (Source: B. Moore / G. Turner in Notes on Translation 1967, p. 1ff.)