take a wife

The Hebrew that is translated in English as “(go) take (yourself) a wife” is translated in Meru as “go buy (marry) buy a prostitute.’ “In Meru, ‘buy’ is used for ‘marry.’ In churches, a new expression ‘take’ is gaining ground (being more respectful, it is thought). But the common way of referring to marriage is by using the verb ‘buy.'”

my Baal

The Hebrew that is translated as “My Baal” in English presented an “interesting problem in Meru: the pronoun concord on ‘my’ will indicate whether ‘Baal’ is a living being or not. It is either BAALI WAAKWA (Baal being a living being) or BAALI YAAKWA (Baal being a thing, an idol). But since one can hardly call God a non-living being, it was suggested to use WAAKWA.”