Newly designed website for TIPs

We are so pleased to announce that the website for the Translation Insights & Perspectives tool (“TIPs”) has gone through a thorough redesign.

The goals of the redesign included

  • a more intuitive and informative homepage, which now includes a selection of the most popular insights within TIPs and a selection of video-based user testimonies;
  • a tie-in with local Bible societies, with prompts for TIPs users to visit the national or regional society’s website when they first visit the TIPs site; and
  • easy ways to locate data by Bible verse, keyword, or category.

With close to 50,000 individual and often very extensive records within TIPs, users from across the world are now arriving on the TIPs site via many different pages. To help orient and direct those users, the site now contains consistent messaging and guidance on every page.

TIPs came online in 2018 as a collection of translations of key biblical terms that create a clearer understanding of how those concepts are understood across languages and cultures. The target audience for TIPs was twofold: on the one hand, anyone interested in the Bible and the multilingual church; on the other hand, Bible translators who could use those examples in their important work. At its inception, it seemed far-fetched to ever have enough data for every single verse in the Bible or to get beyond the data of a couple hundred languages.

It is with a great sense of gratitude that while still pursuing those target audiences and creating the same multilingual understanding of the Bible, today there is indeed data for every verse in the Protestant, Catholic, and most Orthodox canons. The data now includes

Overall, examples of more than 900 languages have been recorded and documented.

TIPs offers a tremendous opportunity for Bible societies or other translation agencies to engage supporters by linking to or by including some of TIPs’ data in their own websites via our API. We are grateful for any suggestions and questions and are eager to help you use the ever-growing treasures in TIPs for your own purposes.

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